Wema Bank Job Past Questions

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Wema Bank Past QuestionsAre you looking for Wema Bank Job Past Questions? Search no more, you are in the right place. We have the up to date Wema Bank Job Past Questions papers which you can easily purchase and download into your mobile phone or laptop.

Wema Bank Job Past Questions

To get a job at Wema bank, you need to pass the aptitude test with high grades. This will require serious preparation and practice of previous aptitude test questions.

This study pack contains relevant information that will aid your preparation in the forthcoming Wema bank job interview. It will test your knowledge in numerical and verbal reasoning, data analysis and computer skill. It contains updated and comprehensive questions and answers that have often been repeated over the years.

The Wema bank aptitude test study pack is downloadable and is accessible once your purchase is complete. Yeah, it is in PDF format which means that you can read it offline on any device you chose.

Below are samples of this study pack and how to download the full PDF file.


Mrs. Priscillia receives a salary of N1,500 per week plus 2 percent commission on sales. What was her total earning for a week in which her sales was N29,230?
A. N2,084.60
B. N2,184.60
C. N2,284.60
D. N2,384.60
E. N2,484.60

If the difference of two numbers is 10 and their product is 13, what is the sum of their squares?
A. 125
B. 126
C. 100
D. 169
E. None of the above

A man named Ike says “I am only three times my son’s age. My father is 40 years more than twice my age. Together the three of us are a mere 1,240 years old.” How old is Ike?
A. 360 years old
B. 361 years old
C. 362 years old
D. 363 years old
E. 364 years old

Complete the sequence in the series: 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, .
A. 17
B. 18
C. 19
D. 20
E. 21

How To Download

To have access to this study material, you would be required to make a one-time payment of two thousand (2, 000) naira only, using the details below;

GT Bank

Account Name: Zurik Global

Account Number: 0628377941

Do well to contact us before making payment, as our contact details have been provided below;

Phone Number: 08157989676

You can also reach us on whatsapp, by clicking on the whatsapp button that has been provided on this page.

And after you have successfully made the payment, ensure that you provide us with the following;

  • Your full name
  • Details of the Bank that was used to make the payment
  • A valid email address/choose to receive the e-book on whatsapp
  • The name of the past questions you want.

Shortly after these details have been delivered to us, and your payment has been confirmed, a copy of this study material would be delivered to you.

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