St. George University School Of Medicine: Admission, Tuition

St George University School of medicine is a popular one for its achievements and age.

For you to be reading this you might need to know St. George’s University review, St. George’s university tuition or St George University’s Admission. We have taken it upon us to do thorough research on the university and will provide you with all you need to know about St. George’s University School of London.

About St. George’s University School of Medicine

St George University School of medicine is a well known University which has its location in London. It is located in the United Kingdom and is focused on the sector of medicine and health. Established in 1733, it is a very old and profound university.

St. George’s University shares its environment with a hospital. This helps its students get accustomed to a professional environment before they go out into their various vocations. So students are immersed in a professional clinical environment from the outset. It is legally known as St George’s Hospital Medical School. Students are exposed to real-life medical environments which helps them before they go out into their various fields of work. St. George’s University admission is quite simple and is explained below.

Admission Into St. George’s University School Of Medicine

St George’s University offers admission to various undergraduates around the country. They also offer admissions to students with different academic qualifications. While the school is mainly focused on medicine as the name implies, they also offer admissions to other departments such as the school of arts, school of sciences and more.

 If you are one looking to gain St George’s University admission without basing in medicine, the school is still an option. St George’s University admission includes admission into the school of arts and sciences, graduate studies, veterinary medicine and medicine.

These departments have different degrees offered and requirements for these degrees. Some of them will be highlighted below.

Admission Into The School of Medicine

St George’s University offers admission into the school of medicine. This is the university’s main area of study and specialization. Admission into the school of medicine comes with certain requirements depending on the degree you seek. In this department of the university, training in three degrees of medicine is offered. These are the Doctor of medicine, Dual-Degree program and the Medical PhD degree. Admission into these areas of study has their different requirements, for more on these requirements. The links highlighted will lead you to the in-depth requirements of each of these fields of study.

Admission Into Veterinary Medicine

St. George’s University also offers admission into the school of veterinary medicine. This is similar to the school of medicine. Here St George’s University offers three different courses. While the School of veterinary medicine doesn’t require as much as the school of medicine in degrees, it does require personal expertise and character. Here the university also offers admission in three types of degrees to students. These are the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Dual-Degree program and Veterinary PhD degree. The links highlighted will give you a deeper explanation of the admission requirements into veterinary medicine.

Admission Into The School of Arts and Sciences

While its main forte is in the area of medicine, St George’s University also offers admission into the areas of arts and sciences, to gain admission in this field you should have at least a secondary school or high school degree. For an in-depth explanation visit St George’s University School of Arts and Science Admission

The university also offers admission into the school of postgraduate studies. Application into this school requires a fee of 50 dollars, if you are a foreigner or if English is not your first language your TOEFL score may be requested of you. The tuition fees to these different areas of admission differ and should be known before applying for admission.

St. George’s University Tuition Fees

Generally, the tuition fee to undertake any medical program at the St George’s University of London is usually quite expensive. This can be attributed to the location, course of study and general standard of living. Meanwhile, approximately 15% of the cost to study in the school represents the administrative/student fees.

It is also good to know that Basic Sciences students who get grades of ‘F’ or ‘CR’ will not be charged tuition for the repeated courses. However, in all these cases, full administrative/student fees will be charged. 

Hence, see below, the comprehensive list of the tuition fee, paid at the school;

PreclinicalRates effective May 2021 – April 2022Per Term$18,366Per Credit$1,225School of MedicineRates effective May 2021-December 2021TuitionAdmin FeeMalpractice InsuranceTotalBasic SciencesTerm 1$26,993$5,818–$32,811Term 2$26,993$5,818–$32,811Term 3 only$9,656$1,847–$11,503Terms 3/4$36,649$7,756–$44,314Term 4 only$26,993$5,818–$32,811Term 5$30,421$5,818–$36,239Total Basic Sciences (Terms 1, 2 3/4 & 5)$121,056$25,119–$146,175Per credit amount$1,446ClinicalTerms 1*$29,353$4,783$357$34,493Terms 2**$29,353$4,783$357$34,493Terms 3**$29,353$4,783$357$34,493Terms 4**$29,353$4,783$357$34,493Terms 5**$29,353$4,783$357$34,493Total Clinical$146,765$23,915$1,785$172,465Total SOM all years$267,821$49,034$1,785$318,640Graduation fee$835

Scholarship Offered By St. George’s University

St George’s University offers different scholarships to students based on merit. These scholarships are offered to new students equally. There are two forms of scholarships. The Legacy of Excellence Scholarships and the Chancellor’s Circle Legacy of Excellence Scholarship. The Chancellor’s Circle legacy of excellence scholarships has a value of $94,500.

The criteria for this scholarship is an undergraduate GPA of 3.7 or 3.5 for science. The scholarship will be awarded automatically based on the result of the students.

The legacy of excellent scholarship has a value of over $70,000. This is awarded to students that show good academic excellence in their undergraduate studies.

The university also offers other tuitions grants and forms of financial aid. For an in-depth view of St. George’s University Scholarships visit the link. The courses offered by the university are shown below.

Courses offered by St. George’s University

The University offers various courses to educate students in their respective departments. They offer courses ranging from general practice to medicine, paediatrics, senior health, surgery gynaecology, and more. They also offer specialities, such as clinical oncology. As an old and established financial institution, St. George’s University is the United Kingdoms best health university. They offer various medical courses to guide students by giving them adequate knowledge.

The university offers a 5-year degree for undergraduates. It also offers a 4-year graduate program for those who already have a bachelor’s degree.

In the students initial(first) year, they come in contact with patients and are placed in various clinical areas. In the upcoming years, the students will be exposed to the above courses. St George’s University School of London also has various facilities for learning. These include their state-of-the-art laboratory, pathology museum and advanced patient simulation centre.

Human anatomy is taught in a dedicated dissection room. As a university that shares a location with a hospital, teaching is done by people who have profound experience in the field of study. The university also boasts using its expertise in the battle against COVID-19.

The advanced patient simulation centre helps expose the students to real-life experiences without putting both students or any patients at risk.

Ranking of St. George’s University 

St. George’s University ranking varies across different agencies. The Princeton Review rated it in 2012 as part of the #163 best medical schools in the world.

In the general field, according to the news, it is ranked #435 in best global universities. St. George’s University School of London is ranked #188 in best schools in Europe according to our news ranking. It is ranked as the 1st best in Grenada and also one of the national best medical schools. The school has a generally high ranking in the world. In the United Kingdom, it is one of the best schools in the area of medicine. In other areas of studies such as arts and sciences, the school also offers quality education and a good ranking.

St. George’s University School of London Review

Knowing more about St. George’s University review is crucial in determining if it’s the right school for you.

 As said earlier, the Princeton Review rated it as part of the 163 best medical schools in 2012.

The university has lots of reviews online, ranging from students comments to personal website reviews. We can tell you it’s a very good go-to for students who need a good understanding of medicine and other medical-related knowledge. While not based well on arts and sciences, the university also offers these fields of study. It is also a good substitute in the situation where a student is unable to make it to better universities in the US or UK. It has a students review of 4.1/5.0.

Overall St George’s University review is very positive and is a very good choice for those seeking experience in medicine.


On the end note, if you aspire to become a medical doctor, and obtaining a degree at St George’s University School of Medicine is the dream. Then we would tell you that it is a nice decision as the school is one of the best institutions that handle medical programs. Hence, do well to carefully process your application into the school.



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