Shelby County Schools Review: Admissions, Requirements, Tuition

Looking at destination criteria involving where to study? why studying there? what it takes to study there? It comes to a matter of a place one should attend a school at is it that such a place has the best to offer and perhaps satisfy the Educational rudiments desired by the enrolling student. In this article, Shelby County Schools will be taken into context as the vast majority of our visitors have come asking questions about Shelby County Schools, the Enrollment procedures, Requirements and as well Reviews offered by many who are actively learning in various schools within the County.

In other words, Down the line, as you read this article judiciously, you will find unanswered questions answered as our team of professionals have been able to assemble this article to beat the unawareness of Shelby County Policies and downsides. As well as acquire needed information for those desiring to school in Shelby County.

Shelby County Schools (About and Location).

Shelby County being a reserved area that offers Learning space make it essential to have an ecosystem where people have residential permits and settlement policies keeping them within the County. Shelby County Schools is providing the following learning options for the 20-21 SY for students who currently reside in one of the seven communities zoned for the Shelby County School District:

Traditional- On-Campus Learning- Students will report to the school campus daily.Remote- At-home Learning- Students will participate in all courses through a virtual format.

For a student to be enrolled in the Shelby County School District, and participate in one of the learning options, based on School Board Policy 6.1.2, the student must attend school in the zone in which they reside with a parent or legal guardian. Custody awarded through the court is a requirement for school enrollment. Students are not permitted to be remote learners and reside outside of the Shelby County School District.

Moreover, Shelby County has several zones that accommodate several learning spaces making it like one community of Schoolers. Some of these zones are : 

Calera ZoneChelsea ZoneColumbiana ZoneHelena ZoneMontevallo ZoneOak Mountain Zone e.t.c.

These sectors create diversity and room for competitive activities year in year out. The Review on Shelby County Schools is of no doubt outstanding and splendid. Would highly recommend enrolling if it has been an option in your checklist.

Shelby County Schools Reviews

The Reviews on the Shelby County Schools have been so exceptional in terms of good reputation and value offered to individuals who found themselves to have studied in the learning space. Many facilities, a Wide learning space, Good Hospitality toward the students and an outstanding record. The Review on Shelby County Schools is of no doubt outstanding and splendid. Would highly recommend enrolling if it has been an option in your checklist. 

Admission Requirements To Study In Shelby County Schools.

Enrollment in Shelby County has its Criterias e.g. To enrol in Kindergarten, a child must be 5 years of age on or before Sept. 2 of the enrolling school year. To enrol in First Grade, a child must be 6 years of age on or before December 31 of the enrolling school year.

If you are enrolling into the Shelby County Schools school district for the first time, the Enrollment/Registration packet will be a combination of the required State enrollment forms, required district forms and local school forms.  The Registration forms provide the local school with residence verification and other needed information. Below is the Shelby County necessary required documents.

Shelby County Schools Documents List

1. Enrolling parent or legal guardian must present a photo ID

2. Proof of Age (i.e. birth certificate)

3. Valid Alabama Immunization Form (formerly known as a “Blue Form”)

4. Proof of residence – All parents/legal guardians will be required to provide two of the following current residence verification documents before the start of the new school year.

Recent Utilities – power, water, gas, or garbage services listed in the parent/legal guardian name with service address listed on the statement (disconnect notices will not be accepted)Recent Mortgage Statement (June/July)Apartment Lease – Lease must be current and at the minimum, the parent/legal guardian must be listed as an occupantProperty Tax Record – most recent tax record should indicate this as your primary residence Property Tax Record.Property Deed – parent/legal guardian must reside full-time in the residence

5. Proof of Custody (if applicable, a copy of the court order must be supplied to the school)

6. Social Security Number (voluntary) Disclosure of your child’s social security number (SSN) is voluntary. If you elect not to provide an SSN, a temporary identification number will be generated and utilized instead. Your child’s SSN is being requested for use in conjunction with enrollment in school as provided in Alabama Administrative Code 290-3-1-.02(2)(b)(2). It will be used as a means of identification in the statewide student management system.

7. Each student wishing to enrol into Shelby County Schools must present an up-to-date Alabama Certificate of Immunization (COI), or an Alabama medical or religious exemption. All Certificates of Immunization must contain the dates of all vaccines given.

2020-2021 Proof of Residence Guidelines To attend a Shelby County School

The family (all principal family members) must reside in a dwelling within the school zone full time and the dwelling must be considered a permanent, full-time residence.

 Proof of Residence Options

 Option 1: 2 Recent Utility bills – power, water, gas, or garbage services

 Options 2: Recent Mortgage Statement and 1 Recent Utility bill

 Option 3: Apartment Lease/Lease from a Property Agent – Parent/Legal Guardian must be listed as an occupant and 1 Recent Utility bill

Option 4: Property Deed – must reside full time in the Residence and 1 Recent Utility bill

Option 5: 2019 Property Tax Record – Must show homestead on the tax records, usually reflects a code of 10, 1 Recent Utility bill Requirements, Service dates must reflect June or July.

All utility bills must be in the name of the parent/legal guardian or his/her identified spouse. The service address must be listed on the statement. No disconnect notices can be accepted. Schools will be collecting copies of these proofs to have on file for this school year only. To speed up the registration process, it would be helpful to go ahead and make copies of your two proofs.

Shelby County Policy 6002


To establish guidelines for student assignment; first-time enrollment; proof of residency; entrance age and cut-off date; homeless students; and student transfers.


This policy applies to all Shelby County Schools students.

Educational Capacity

Including consideration of space allocation for Pre-K; CDC; ESL; career and technical programs; speciality programs; staffing; general program offerings; and other factors determined relevant by the District.


The department responsible for making student assignments and verifying residency is responsible for implementing this policy.The department responsible for addressing the needs of homeless and/or displaced students is responsible for implementing the provisions of this policy that apply to homeless and/or displaced students.



The choice regarding placement shall be made regardless of whether the student lives with the homeless parent/legal guardian/custodian or has been temporarily placed elsewhere. The District may require a parent/legal guardian/custodian of the student to submit contact information. The District shall provide a written explanation, including a statement regarding the right to appeal, to the homeless student’s parent/legal guardian/custodian, or the homeless student if unaccompanied, if the District sends the student to a school other than the school of origin (“school of origin” is defined as the school that the student attended when permanently housed or the school in which the student was last enrolled) or other than a school requested by the parent/legal guardian/custodian.

If a dispute arises over school selection or enrollment in a school, the principal or designee shall provide a written explanation of his/her decision to the parent/legal guardian/custodian, and the student shall be immediately admitted to the school in which enrollment is sought, pending resolution of the dispute.

The student parent/legal guardian/custodian shall be referred to the District staff charged with assisting homeless students, who will carry out the dispute resolution process as expeditiously as possible. If the parent/legal guardian/custodian continues to disagree with the District’s final decision, he/she should contact the State McKinney-Vento Coordinator.


Services provided to each homeless student include, but are not limited to, transportation services; educational services for which the student meets eligibility criteria, such as educational programs for disadvantaged students, students with disabilities and gifted and talented students; vocational programs and technical education; school meals programs; preschool programs; before- and after-school care programs and programs for students with limited English proficiency. Information on fee waivers shall be made available to the homeless students or the parents/legal guardians/custodians of all homeless students.


Any records ordinarily kept by the school, including immunization records, academic records, birth certificates, guardianship records and evaluations for special services or programs of each homeless child or youth shall be maintained so that appropriate services may be given to the student, necessary referrals can be made, and records may be transferred in a timely fashion when a homeless student enters a new school District. Copies of the record shall be made available upon request to students or parents/legal guardians/custodians by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

District-level Assistance for Homeless Students

District staff charged with assisting homeless students shall be identified by the Superintendent (or designee) and shall ensure that:

Homeless students are identified by school personnel and through coordination activities with other entities and agencies.Homeless students enrol in and have a full and equal opportunity to succeed in, schools in the District.Homeless families and students receive educational services for which such families and students are eligible, including Head Start, Even Start and preschool programs administered by the District and referrals to health care services, dental services, mental health services and other appropriate services.The parents/legal guardians/custodians of homeless students are informed of the educational and related opportunities available to their children and are provided with meaningful opportunities to participate in the education of their children.Public notice of the educational rights of homeless students is disseminated where such students receive services, such as school, family shelters and soup kitchens.Enrollment disputes are mediated following the law.The parent or guardian of a homeless student and any unaccompanied youth is fully informed of all transportation services, including transportation to the school of origin and is assisted in accessing transportation to the school selected.Unaccompanied youths will be assisted in placement or enrollment decisions, their views will be considered and they will be provided notice of the right to appeal.Students who need to obtain immunizations, or immunization or medical records, will receive assistance.

Shelby County Schools Tuition (Helen)

In this context, among the Shelby County Schools, Helena public school will be referred to.

Helena Public School stands to have several fees that are paid e.g. 

HHS Athletic feesHHS club dues and feesHHS Online registration fees and donationsClass fees and AP Exams.

Disclosures on the Tuition prices will be offered by the Administrative office via the website. please reach out to their website to get more info.


With all that has been laid down comprehensively on Shelby County Schools, we hope we have offered a piece of clear and vivid information on Shelby county schools and all it entails. If questions persist, please reach us via our email or leave a message in the box below.



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